Fervent evangelist Franklin Graham has analyzed the expulsion of the Ten Commandments landmarks from open property in the U.S. to the Islamic State tearing down Christian images over the Middle East. “We have been shocked at news reports of ISIS and the Islamic State tearing down all images of Christianity in the Middle East; however consider it — we’re doing it to ourselves here in the U.S. Skeptics, activists, and against God gatherings like the ACLU, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, and the Military Freedom of Religion Foundation are on a journey to delete or tear down anything connected with the Name of Jesus Christ,” Graham wrote in a Facebook post on Friday.

He connected to a story by USA Today not long ago that covered the late evacuation of the Ten Commandments rock landmarks from the Oklahoma Capitol grounds. Back in June the Oklahoma Supreme Court chose in a 7-2 deciding that the showcase damaged the prohibition on utilizing state property to further religion. The landmark was torn down ahead of schedule Tuesday morning with a specific end goal to keep away from showdowns.

“What are these individuals considering? We need God’s laws — these are the laws that have assisted society with prospering,” Graham said. IS activists have posted various recordings web delineating the demolition of Christian structures and images in the region it has caught crosswise over Iraq and Syria. Back in March, the jihadists shared photographs of the demolition of Christian crosses, statues, and symbols from houses of worship in Ninawa, Irawa, which they supplanted with the bunch’s notorious dark banner. “The pictures show ISIS men occupied with the annihilation of different Christian images, which ISIS sees as being polytheistic and barbarian,” the Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor said in those days. “They couldn’t care less what it’s called; they are simply taking after their philosophy and that implies disposing of houses of worship and minorities. It is the Islamic State, and there’s no space for any other individual,” MEMRI Director Steven Stalinsky added. CONTINUE