Habib M. Iskandar Alkadri, a spokesman for the Islam Defenders Front, or FPI, in Indonesia is demanding the government respond immediately to the discovery that a brand of flip-flops or sandals appears to carry the name Allah on its soles. “FPI West Kalimantan urged the government and relevant agencies in this regard … to act decisively, by taking concrete steps. This is related to the abuse of Islam,” said Alkadri to the Tribune Pontianak Wednesday. Alkadri called for decisive action because the blasphemous footwear may not yet have spread to other markets, where it will cause greater offense.

It must be addressed immediately, traced and withdrawn from the market. We as community organizations can only make a non-formal appeal. The government can issue rules, but they must be executed firmly,” he added. Whether or not it was the designer’s intent, the controversial design on the shoe’s sole closely approximates the name Allah on the black flag, or Black Standard, carried by Islamic State fighters, its top line repeating the Shahada: There is no god but Allah. Mohammad is the messenger of Allah. CONTINUE