In modern records, the Northern Hemisphere has never had as many super intense storms as 2015. An incredible 21 category four or five tropical cyclones have formed in the Northern Hemisphere in 2015, shattering the record of 18 set in 2004. Records for these storms date back to about 1980. Prior to that, tropical cyclone data is less reliable. These 21 category four or five storms are comprised of both high-end hurricanes and super typhoons, which share the same characteristics, but are called different things. They are the fiercest storms that form on the planet.

The amount and degree of storminess may come as a surprise, since the tropical Atlantic Ocean has produced below normal activity this year. But tropical activity in the tropical Pacific has been super-charged, fueled by the record-challenging El Niño event, which has boosted ocean temperatures in the central and eastern tropical Pacific. FULL REPORT