(Dutchsinse) This is what I consider to be a breakthrough finding that professionals need to make note of immediately. Earthquakes are now progressing across the North American plate, literally traversing the edge of the craton from the West Coast (Pacific Northwest) to the East Coast / Southeast Canada. A picture speaks a thousand words, this graphic below shows the past 7 days of M2.5+ earthquakes across North America (as recorded by the USGS). The progression of earthquakes is obvious in its path along the edge of the North American Craton.

It is currently accepted teaching in most institutions that earthquakes DO NOT progress across entire plates in short periods of time. I have personally had professors come to my public pages to tell me that one small earthquake can NOT cause another small earthquake elsewhere far away. Contrary to dogmas taught in today’s Universities , the facts speak for themselves , and we can now certainly say that the old teaching is incorrect — that earthquakes DO indeed progress across great distances over short periods of time. Furthermore, we can say beyond any shadow of doubt, that one “small” earthquake can lead to another earthquake of equal magnitude elsewhere (far away). FULL REPORT