(TheBlaze) It’s not uncommon for evangelical Bible scholars to regularly ponder what relation and role, if any, current events have to eschatology — or, as it’s more commonly known: the study of the end of the world. The ongoing crisis in Syria is no exception, with Bible experts questioning whether Old Testament scriptures predicted the chaos that is unfolding in the Middle East eons before it actually began. With Russia’s recent airstrikes targeting rebels in Syria, this end times subject matter is once again getting some attention,

though it remains controversial, as many counter that the Old Testament simply doesn’t offer up any eschatological proclamations about the modern era. Joel C. Rosenberg, a communications specialist, author and end times expert, published a blog post on Thursday claiming that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “working hand-in-glove with Iran’s government” in formulating operations in Syria. This follows reports that Iran is waging a ground attack, while Russia carries out assaults from the air. CONTINUE