If you’re in the health profession you may want to be aware of this story coming out! That’s because the board of directors of Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center will hold a hearing next Wednesday in the case of a veteran medical expert who was dismissed for citing federal government statistics about the dangers of homosexual activity. WND previously reported on the case that has threatened the career of Dr. Paul Church. He had been on the staff of the Boston hospital for nearly 30 years before his removal earlier this year, noted the non-profit group Mass Resistance.

So what exactly was His offense? Citing government statistics showing that the “gay” sex lifestyle poses deadly health risks. Church, who also is a member of the Harvard Medical School Facility and has conducted life-saving research on diagnosing bladder and prostate cancer, spoke with WND earlier in the dispute. “It is incredible to think they would be able to silence me and revoke my ability to be on the staff as a result of my raising valid health concerns over a risky lifestyle,” he said. “This is almost a fascist effort at mind control.” The facts, he contends, are on his side.  CONTINUE