(Jennifer Leclaire) Last week, Charisma obtained a video from Don Nori Sr., co-founder of Destiny Image, showing a group of Pentecostals and conservative Christians in a private meeting Paula White set up with Donald Trump. Beyond Paula White, also present were Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Jentezen Franklin, David Jeremiah, Jan Crouch, Steve Munsey, Jews for Jesus Rabbi Kirt Schneider, Bishop George Bloomer, Bishop Darrell Scott and Clarence McClendon.

Some Christians took the prayer meeting as Copeland (and the many others who were present) endorsing Trump for the Republican nomination and ultimately as the next president of the United States. Some of the comments on my Facebook page expressed concern. Some were downright nasty. “I wonder why they are only laying hands and praying for Donald Trump, but not trying to lay hands on Ben Carson. Who is a born again spirit filled Christian? Hmmm… ?” asked Ashlee Green. CONTINUE