Climatologists are anticipating an irregular Winter for the Nation in view of El Niño that is preparing in the Pacific Ocean. Researchers say El Niño is getting more grounded on account of rising ocean level sea temperatures in the Pacific Ocean and a change of bearings of the wind along the equator. As per LA Times, that implies that winter storms that typically drop downpour in focal America could move north and move them over California and the southern United States. Mike Halpert, the delegate executive of the Climate Prediction Center, said this El Niño is the second most strongest he’s seen as of now of the year.

“This could be one of the sorts of winters like in 1997-98,” Halpert said. As indicated by NOAA, the winter of 1997 was the second hottest and seventh wettest on record. Serious Weather included flooding in the southeast and California, an ice storm in the upper east and tornadoes in Florida. Amid that winter, Oklahoma had some of its hottest temperatures and wettest climate. Patzert told the LA Times that while nothing is ever ensured, he is verging on specific this El Niño will have an effect. Actually, he says regardless of the possibility that temperatures were to begin dropping now in the sea, it would at present effect precipitation this winter. SOURCE