China is starting to flex its mighty, copycat military muscle. How fitting they’d do so while the USA has an anti-military administration. Coincidence? I think not. China, like many other nations with at least some semblance of a military, is standing up to the USA in a way that may not have been expected. The nation of some 1.3 billion people has been busy building and upgrading its military with technology stolen from the U.S. and other nations with advanced military technology.

The Communist government has been quietly expanding its territory simply by declaring that certain parts of the sea belong to them and they dare anyone to violate those waters. Yesterday, the U.S. Navy took up that challenge, because it doesn’t recognize the aggressive expansion of China in that particular area of the globe. The guided-missile destroyer USS Lassen ventured within the 12-nautical mile zone around the Subi and Mischief reefs in the Spratly archipelago – islands now claimed by China. FULL REPORT