According to sources the Focus on the Family-sponsored “Bring Your Bible to School Day” kicked off Thursday with the level of expected participants figured at around 100,000. Last year, the event drew in 8,000, the Blaze reported. The initiative is billed to “encourage public school students from kindergarten to college to express their faith freely,” the nonprofit said, the Blaze reported. And so far, Twitter has exploded with pictures and testimonies of participants. One teacher, Niki Warren, wrote beneath a picture of about 20 people holding Bibles:

“My first period with their bibles! So proud of my school!” Another tweeted, beneath a picture of a decorated Bible, the Blaze found: “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away. Luke 21:33 NIV.” And another, beneath a picture of a Bible placed on an oak office desk: “Thankful as a school secretary I can bring my Bible to school without fear. #BringYourBible.” Last year, the Blaze reported on a statement from the Alliance Defending Freedom that confirmed students do have the legal right to cart their Bibles to school. CONTINUE