From school shooters claiming they “serve darkness,” to extreme weather events described by newscasters as “biblical” and “apocalyptic,” to mass death events in Russia and the United States where thousands upon thousands of dead fish wash up on the shores and from the skies birds fall to their deaths around a church, Jason A provides us with what he sees as proof of something huge rapidly approaching. Signs that Jason reminds us were foretold in the Bible. Starting with  Chris Harper-Mercer who walked into the Umpqua Community College and forced students to stand and state their religion, then summarily killing those of the Christian faith after stating “Good, because you’re a Christian, you’re going to see God in just about one second.”

It was later found that Mercer had a manifesto which allegedly had “666” scrawled across it where he asserted “I serve darkness.” From there Jason highlights the September 28th celestial event where a super blood moon coincided with a total lunar eclipse as signs from sky which were followed by “biblical floods of 2015,”  one of which described as being a 1,000 year event, and the flooding in France called “apocalyptic,”  with the typhoon in China called the “strangest” in six decades. CONTINUE