According to the latest results from a study conducted by Lifeway Research, most Americans believe that the universe was designed by a creator who also defines the moral code of mankind. The Lifeway survey found that an overwhelming majority of Americans (72 percent overall) agree with the following statement: “Since the universe has organization, I think there is a creator who designed it.” This statement was also in agreement with 46 percent of the 1,000 American participants who registered as “nones” (atheists, agnostics and other non-religious individuals).

And which Americans are most likely to strongly agree with the aforementioned statement? Two groups were pointed out at the top of the list — Evangelicals and older adults. Another statement put before those participating in the survey found relatively similar results. When presented with the argument, “The fact that we exist means someone created us,” 79 percent of all Americans taking the survey agreed.

USA Today’s journalist on relgion, Cathy Lynn Grossman, contends that the results should not be surprising. “After all, three in four U.S. adults identify with a religious denomination,” Grossman points out. “The surprise is that so many people who don’t identify with a religion — so-called nones — agree.” Unexpected by many, it was discovered that more nonreligious Americans believe that logic points to a creator than those who don’t. “And although the nonreligious are less likely than other Americans to see evidence of a creator, they are more likely to agree (46 percent) than disagree (40 percent) with the statement: ‘Since the universe has organization, I think there is a creator who designed it,’” Facts & Trends magazine’s Lisa Cannon Green reports. CONTINUE