The American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana has launched a full-scale assault on Airline High School after the principal wrote the words, “May God Bless You All” in a message posted on the school’s website. “The Future Starts Today – May God Bless You All,” wrote Principal Jason Rowland in September. The ACLU also complained about plans by the school’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes to place prayer request boxes around the campus. That was all the evidence the ACLU needed to accuse Bossier Parish Schools of engaging “in a pattern of religious proselytization.”

“There is no question that the principal has violated these legal mandates by invoking God, prayer and Christianity in school publications and on school grounds,” Esman wrote. “This unlawful religious coercion is improper from any school employee but it is particularly egregious coming from the school principal, whose job is to teach and uphold, rather than violate, the legal rights of all.” They allege the principal broke the law with his online message. And they allege the students broke the law by placing “prayer boxes” around the campus. CONTINUE