( Michael Brown ) Some of the strongest warnings in the Bible are directed to leaders who mislead God’s people, to prophets and priests and pastors and teachers who by their example or their doctrine lead the sheep into sinful conduct and destructive beliefs. Be very careful not to hurt God’s flock! You are touching the apple of His eye, and He does not take this lightly. Recently, I was speaking to a pastor about a major church in his city that had just announced its support for committed homosexual unions, sending shockwaves throughout the region, since it is a highly influential church that claims to be “evangelical.”

I said to him, “There are obviously other areas of compromise in their midst,” to which he replied, “When we met with the one of their key pastors, he explained that he was now ‘inclusive’ when it came to salvation”—meaning that people of all religions are saved through Jesus, even if they don’t believe in Him, as long as they don’t willfully opt out. The pastor also told me that, “The leader I was speaking with dropped (expletives) during our interaction and then lit up a cigarette as soon as we went outside.” FULL REPORT