Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared triumphant and invigorated after Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders bellowed, “Enough with the damn e-mails!” at last week’s Democrat debate in Las Vegas. The scandal, which some have compared to Watergate because of its “drip” effect, first surfaced in March and threatens to unravel a campaign that was once seen as a coronation. Clinton, who has brushed aside past scandals like Whitewater and Travelgate, wants to turn the email controversy into the past tense as well.

Sanders was saying the issue was not that important to voters, while chastising the media for covering the topic. A liberal Washington Post reporter disagrees. While a majority of Democrats would like the see the issue go away, a majority of Americans believe Clinton is deserving of additional scrutiny on the issue, Philip Bump wrote. So with that in mind, let us scrutinize. MORE