The 6,000-strong migrant population of Calais is mobilising and ready to make a major dash for Britain within the next TWO WEEKS, can reveal. Crime lords behind the lawless town’s thriving people-smuggling trade are launching a vast operation to bring thousands of migrants across the Channel before new security measures come into force, according to haulage industry insiders.

Truckers have seen a steep rise in the number of stowaways trying to break into their vehicles in recent weeks, with many migrants turning to increasingly desperate and violent means in their attempts to reach the UK. Industry experts believe criminal gangs are “mobilising” migrants after being spooked by planned new security measures in Calais, including extra fencing and the deployment of hundreds more police officers. Many of the new security measures are due to come into place within weeks, which could spark a mass rush of more than 6,000 migrants towards the ferry port and Eurostar terminals. FULL REPORT