(ROB HOSKINS) My baby girl got married recently. As I lay awake many nights prior to the ceremony contemplating my role as the father of the bride and beyond, I also did a lot of reflecting.

God is the only one capable of being the perfect father. Much of my time, life and ministry, is spent helping equip churches to help parents—biological or spiritual—to learn from His example and biblical missives as they raise the next generation to be able to stand strong spiritually. And what a battle they must wage against the magnetic pull of Satan’s wiles, often disguised as cultural norms!

Because we have worked with millions of children around the world and done theresearch, we know that a successful formula exists to raise spiritually strong children. In a culture that strives to feed our kids the most nutritious foods, access to the best education, expose them to the most diverse experiences and not deprive them from growing up to be the most well-rounded individuals, I don’t understand why parents wouldn’t be as meticulous and intentional in their children’s spiritual growth and development. The global Attitudes and Behaviors of Youth (ABY) survey clearly showed three main influences that allowed young people to stand strong against the negative influences the world throws at them. MORE