Was the Timing of 'War Room' Movie Release Prophetic?It was like Hollywood coming to town for Kannapolis, North Carolina—population 50,000—during a movie premiere of War Room. As the red carpet rolled into the historic Gem Theatre, something stronger than excitement could be felt in the air. Maybe it was the essence of the movie—after all, prayer is a powerful weapon. The story of War Room reveals how prayer can be more than a few fleeting words to God; it can be a strategic battle against the enemy.

As a man named Tony Jordan cheats in his career and nearly cheats on his wife, Elizabeth, financial and marriage struggles surround the family. Enter a woman named Miss Clara, who challenges Elizabeth to set up a “war room,” a private place to pray for God’s help in life’s battles. Will this change things? The makers of Facing the Giants, Fireproof and Courageous, the Kendrick Brothers created this film on the power of prayer in hopes that people will leave the movie desiring a more active prayer life. FULL REPORT