Pope Francis departed for Cuba Sept. 19 on the Alitalia Airbus A330-200 christened Raffaello Sanzio at 10:35am from Fiumicino Airport. The Jesuit legacy is strong in Cuba. Father Antonio Llorente, a friend of the late Pope Bergoglio who died in 2010, was actually Fidel Castro’s teacher and spiritual adviser at the prestigious Jesuit preparatory school Colegio de Belén in Havana, which was also frequented by his brother Raúl Castro, Cuba’s current leader.

A few years back, when Fidel retired because of health problems, Raul gradually took over as President of the Council of Ministers of Cuba, and later Commander and First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC). Raul was literally brought up by the Jesuits attending the Jesuit School of Colegio Dolores in Santiago, and later the Colegio Belén mentioned above, before becoming a full-time communist engaged in numerous intelligence operations with the Soviet Union. The role the Jesuits play in the formation of Raul and their ties to the mysterious and powerful Company of Jesus which helped craft communism is extremely clear. FULL REPORT