United Nations set to back Palestinian flag-raisingA Draft resolution on raising the Palestinian flag at the United Nations will be adopted next week in time for PA President Mahmoud Abbas’ visit to New York, the Palestinian envoy said Thursday. The UN General Assembly will vote on September 10 on the measure that is almost certain to garner a majority of votes in the 193-nation forum. “We have the votes and we are working to get as many votes as we can,” said Riyad Mansour, the Palestinian representative to the United Nations.

Once adopted, the UN will have 20 days to carry out the decision, which would be in time for Abbas’s visit on September 30. Mansour declined to say whether a formal flag-raising ceremony would be held during Abbas’s visit, an event that would highlight the Palestinians’ aspirations for statehood. “It is a symbolic thing but it is another step to solidify the pillars of the state of Palestine in the international arena and give our people a small hope that the international community is still supporting the independence of the state of Palestine,” Mansour told reporters. FULL REPORT