Commenting on the Pentagon’s recent re-evaluation of contingency plans for a potential warfare with Russia, retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski said the U.S. sees Russia as a competitor. “Russia has gold and Russia doesn’t have the kind of debt that United States has,” Kwiatkowski said in an interview with RT. “So, in that respect Russia is a challenger and a competitor just in terms of financial leadership.” Moscow is a competitor for global leadership and power, and Washington sees that, according to Kwiatkowski.

“And the Pentagon’s job – because they don’t really believe that they should share power – in a unipolar world is to dominate,” the Colonel said and added that that’s the reason why Russia is going to be at the top of the list of threats to Washington now more than it was at the end of the Cold War. The Colonel warned that the type of “offensive and aggressive” language the U.S. is using toward Russia can “very possibly” lead to the use of nuclear weapons, which would be a “tremendous disaster.” FULL REPORT