A leading woman priest who believes God should be referred to as “she” has received dozens of letters from people telling her she is “stupid” or worse. Rev Emma Percy,  chaplain of Trinity College, Oxford and a member of Women and the Church,  said earlier this year she wanted to change the notion that God is “some kind of old man in the sky” by using “She” instead of the more traditional “He”.

She does not believe the male pronouns should be dropped when referring to God, but that there should be the option for female pronouns in the liturgy, such as “our Mother God”. She fears that the effect of using only male pronouns is to reinforce a discriminatory prejudice that men are somehow more holy than women. She admitted some people think she should “shut up” and also said there was still a sense in the Church of England that while women can now be priests and bishops, it is remains acceptable to believe they should not be. FULL REPORT