A spokesman for the most well-known Muslim-American advocacy group said at a pro-refugee rally Sunday in St. Louis that Americans should fear their own “right-wing extremists” more than the 10,000 Syrians President Obama wants to resettle in U.S. cities and towns. The involvement of the Council for American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, in the rally, billed as the “Bring Them Here March,” confirms what WND has been reporting for months – that 95 percent of the Syrian “refugees” will be Muslims.

“Either we let them in, or we take the statue of liberty down,” Faizan Syed, executive director of CAIR for St. Louis, told KMOV-TV in St. Louis. Christians, who are being hunted down and butchered by Sunni Muslim terrorists affiliated with ISIS, al-Nusra Front, al-Qaida and other jihadist factions, have no hope of getting into America as refugees. But Americans should not fear the Syrians arriving in their communities, Sayed said. FULL REPORT