The world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham, in an exclusive interview, said, “The Bible indicates that as the time for Christ’s return approaches, evil and social chaos may well intensify. Are we living in those days?” It’s the great question of our time. Are we now living in the last days of planet Earth? If so, how will the apocalyptic events foreseen by the ancient prophets unfold? Are powerful forces now at work to create a global government, economic system and religion as predicted in the Bible?

Unlocking a great biblical mystery that has puzzled scholars for nearly 2,000 years, The Babylon Code: Solving the Bible’s Greatest End Times Mystery unearths answers to these momentous questions. In the book, we explore a prophetic enigma that begins in Genesis at the Tower of Babel and ends in Revelation with the Battle of Armageddon. The prediction involves “Mystery, Babylon”—the Bible’s greatest end-time riddle—and reveals how an elite group of wealthy globalists and their interlocking network of transnational corporations, international banks, government agencies, think tanks, foundations and clandestine organizations are working to create a global government, cashless society and universal religion as predicted in Scripture. FULL REPORT