According to a disturbing report coming out of Seattle, Improper sterilization of surgical equipment at Seattle Children’s Hospital has put tens of thousands of children at risk of accidental HIV infection. Officials from the Bellevue Clinic and Surgery Center say they are now offering free blood tests to roughly 12,000 families after it was determined that many or all of them could have been infected with HIV and other sexually-transmitted diseases via filthy medical instruments.

Faculty at the clinic reportedly failed to follow proper sterilization protocols, leaving scalpels, clamps and other surgical tools teeming with potentially deadly diseases. These safety failures went on for the entire five years that the clinic has been open, according to reports, exposing tens of thousands of patients to all sorts of bacteria and viruses. “The risk to patients is extremely low; however, we don’t know the exact risk to each patient,” reads a duplicitous statement issued by the hospital. “As a result, some patients who had a surgical procedure at Bellevue Clinic may need to be tested for hepatitis B and C, as well as HIV.”

Hospital authorities have gone to painstaking lengths to reassure patients who have visited the clinic within the past five years that they are probably fine and didn’t contract a disease. However, not everyone is buying this, including a former Bellevue Clinic patient by the name of Yvonne McPherson who told KIRO-TV that she has already made an appointment for her son to see a doctor. FULL REPORT