As fighting in Yemen continues to escalate, the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels have plans to fire ballistic missiles into Riyadh, the capital and largest city of Saudi Arabia, according to Middle Eastern defense officials speaking to WND. Such a move would be a game-changer in the months-long battle for control of Yemen that already has spilled across the Saudi border.

In June, marking the first use of ballistic missiles by the Houthis in the conflict, the rebels fired a Scud missile at Saudi Arabia, which the kingdom said it shot down. The Houthi rebels and its allied armies had fired the Scud toward the southwest Saudi town of Khamees Mushait, which houses the largest air force base in southern Saudi Arabia.  Three weeks earlier, WND broke the story that, despite the presence of the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt off the coast of Yemen at the time, the Iranians succeeded in smuggling Scud B and C missiles to the rebels fighting in Yemen.  FULL REPORT