Producers of the recently-released faith-based film Audacity were contacted last week by Chris Routson of Middletown, Ohio, who wanted to share with them his story of recommending the film to two lesbian co-workers and subsequently being fired after 13 years as a well-regarded employee. “I have had good reviews from my supervisors for the past 13 years at my job, and I have always been outspoken about my faith to other employees and have never had any problems up until the last week of my employment,” Routson said.

Routson was told that he was terminated not because of his faith, but for making his co-workers “uncomfortable.” He was first told to stop doing this after he friended one of his lesbian co-workers on Facebook, and recommended the film Audacity to her on his own time from home. She didn’t seem bothered by this, but the next day Routson was informed he had made a co-worker uncomfortable and he was to stop. He said that he couldn’t stop sharing his faith, and his supervisors said it wasn’t about his faith, just about making co-workers “uncomfortable.” Two days later, Routson shared his personal testimony with a different co-worker, telling her “Every new person I meet I want to share the gospel with them and if they still want to be my friend then I have gained a friend.” FULL REPORT