Count North Carolina among the growing number of states terrorizing young students and parents with vaccine violence, while at the same time threatening to deny them the long-established fundamental (and taxpayer-supported) right to an education. As reported by WSOC-TV, state authorities are preparing to remove kids from school who are not vaccinated, as per changes in state statutes implemented by the legislature and governor this past summer.

According to the local TV station, a series of vaccines and boosters are required, with just a few possible exemptions for religious or philosophical reasons: Pneumococcal vaccine is required for students under 5 years old. The meningitis vaccine is required for entering seventh-graders or by 12 years old, whichever comes first. The polio vaccine booster is required for students at least 4 years old. A second dose of chickenpox vaccine is needed before entering school for the first time. The TDAP booster is required for students who never got it before and who are starting seventh grade or are 12 years old. FULL REPORT