If you believe the United States President Barack Obama is a Muslim and not a born US Citizen, Than you’re not alone in fact according to a new study, Seven years into Barack Obama’s presidency, nearly one third of Americans believe that Obama is Muslim and was not born in Hawaii. Twenty-nine percent of respondents to a CNN poll released Sunday said they believe Obama is Muslim, including 43 percent of Republicans. Most of the Americans who correctly identified Obama as Christian know that he’s Protestant. Thirty-nine percent of poll respondents said he’s Protestant or other Christian, while just 4 percent think he’s Catholic and 2 percent think he’s Mormon.

There are also persistent perception that Obama was not born in Hawaii, as his birth certificate says. Twenty percent of respondents said he was born outside the country. Nine percent said there’s solid evidence of that, while the rest said it’s just their suspicion. Before Donald Trump announced his run for president, he continually charged that Obama was born in Africa. But Obama has since released his birth certificate, and during his White House bid this time around Trump has said little on the matter. FULL REPORT