NASA has announced it’s going to make a major science finding on Monday. “The event will be broadcast live on NASA Television and the agency’s website,” says the NASA announcement on a URL that promises “Mars mystery solved.” Personally, I very much doubt this is going to be anything huge. Intelligent people already know NASA has been covering up proof of microbial life since the 1970’s Viking missions when proof of living microbes was validated by the on-board gas chromatograph instrument.

There’s also liquid water on Mars — another fact that NASA has gone to great lengths to cover up. My guess is that NASA will make some silly announcement regarding Mars geology… something along the lines of the mineral composition of rocks. Ever since life was discovered on Mars in the 1970’s, NASA frantically shifted its focus from biology to geology, thereby ignoring the life on the planet and narrowing its research to dead objects (rocks, dirt, mountains, etc.). FULL REPORT