There’s war in Ukraine and the Middle East. And persecution of Christians in the Holy Land and around the world. Even in the United States. Then there is a border crisis of “biblical” proportions in Europe. And the beginning of a new Shemitah cycle accompanying trouble in the American economy. Trouble looms on many fronts, but if you are just starting to prepare, says evangelist Jim Bakker,

“You are awful late.” Bakker made the comment in a discussion with pastor, talk-show host and author Carl Gallups on “The Jim Bakker Show.” Gallups was discussing his new book, “Be Thou Prepared,” which shows Christians how to survive persecution and disaster. “I love it,” commented Bakker on Gallups’ ideas. “You have to take care of your family.” Gallups said it’s not just a good idea but a “God-given responsibility.” And the pastor believes preparation isn’t just about providing for those close to you – it’s about carrying out the Great Commission. FULL REPORT