Some prophetic voices are predicting something major—a significant shaking that will change the landscape of America (and ultimately, the world) forever. Thus, it’s time to “wake up!” I agree with them 100 percent—we need to wake up! The church has been sleepwalking through the world too long. Problematically, many of these prophetic words also call for further disengagement from a kingdom-starved world and instead, focus on the church’s escape plan. (Getting ready for the rapture, imminent societal collapse, etc.)

These prophetic messages are often presented in the packaging of Urgent Prophetic Alerts. Let me immediately offer a disclaimer saying that I believe many of these leaders are authentic, God-fearing, and Jesus-exalting men and women of God. I am not saying their prophetic warnings are right or wrong, accurate or inaccurate. Instead, I am calling us all to remain grounded in this most critical and urgent season! Yet, the prophetic messengers I mentioned above are tame compared to some of the other voices that are emerging with their warning messages of impending judgment, imminent economic collapse and catastrophic doomsday scenarios. They are calling us to stock up on our food supplies and prepare for the worst. FULL REPORT