Gigantic, ever-enlarging sinkhole swallows up houses in Russia A giant sinkhole that emerged on a place of a collapsing mine in western Russia has been creepily enlarging, threatening nearby village houses and the forest. Resembling a meteorite crater at first glance, the sinkhole in Russian region of Perm has been expanding ever since it appeared, according to the photo evidence, recently reported by locals on social media.

The abyss near the town of Solikamsk dates back to last November, when its surface dimensions were some 20-by-30 meters. In nine months’ time, by the end of August, the crater has reached a stunning 122-by 125-meters wide, The Siberian Times reported on Wednesday.The sinkhole shows no sign of a slowing appetite, as the collapsing soil keeps sucking up nearby houses. It is estimated to be about 75 meters deep, and can already be seen from space. FULL REPORT