In the Bible we read that Nehemiah was discouraged and distressed because the walls of Jerusalem had been broken down and its gates had been burned with fire. He sat down and wept and mourned for his nation—and he cried out to the God of heaven. God heard his prayers and used him to lead the people to rebuild those broken-down walls. They were greatly outnumbered by their enemies and facing opposition and vicious threats. They responded by praying and seeking God, and they went to work rebuilding what had been torn down, even holding their weapons in their hands to protect themselves while they worked. In a miraculously short time—52 days—they rebuilt the walls and hope was restored.

America’s walls of biblical morality are crumbling. Almost everyone I speak with is distraught over the direction our nation is taking. Christianity and our religious freedoms are under siege. Progressives and secularists want to see God removed from everything and to burn every gate of protection. We can’t sit idle. Like Nehemiah we need to take a bold stand. We need to cry out to God on behalf of our nation. Nehemiah confessed the sins and failures of the people, “including myself and my father’s family,” and repented. He prayed, “We have acted very wickedly toward you” (Nehemiah 1:6–7, NIV). FULL REPORT