DEVELOPING: A package of highly radioactive material that could have been used by a terrorist organization or a drug cartel to construct a so-called “dirty bomb” went missing for a time from Texas A&M University recently, CBS affiliate KBTX reported. The radioactive material was supposed to be delivered to an on-campus office at the university when it went unaccounted for during a period of time. An internal email sent by Christopher Meyer, an assistant vice president with the university’s Office of Safety and Security, said that the shipment was sent from the Science Engineering and Education Company in Edina, Minnesota. The latter is a firm that manufactures radioactive material for equipment and research, according to KBTX.

In a statement to the local station, a spokesperson for the university said the institution was certain that the package never made it to the school’s Radiation Safety Office. “We obviously want to locate this package as quickly as possible because it does contain radioactive material, but we hasten to add it doesn’t present a health threat to the community provided the contents, which are secured in a box with two layers of inner containment, are not disturbed,” the statement said. FULL REPORT