DEVELOPING: US Scrambles to Defend Arctic from Russia and ChinaIt appears that the presence of Chinese and Russian vessels outside of U.S Shores has rattled the nerves of the White House as a new report indicates that, U.S. intelligence agencies, worried about the growing Chinese and Russian presence in the northern hemisphere, have now sent in scores of analysts to determine how best to defend the Arctic space from those nations least friendly to America. The Arctic Newswire reported that in the past 14 months, fully 16 U.S. spy and intelligence agencies have dispatched full time analysts to study the region.

On top of that, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence put together a “strategy board” so these analysts would have a formal meeting place to discuss their findings, the newspaper reported. The analysts are tasked specifically with taking the raw intelligence that comes from a newly configured Canadian listening post by the North Pole, and the intel from the Norwegian spy ship, Marjata, and processing it for use. They also tap into U.S. spy satellites and Navy sensors that are located beneath the ocean waters, and process and disseminate that data. FULL REPORT