DC Circuit Court Rules Against 1st AmendmentWhile we are being distracted by political party games and race baiting, the Courts are opining away our Rights and establishing with greater fortitude every day their Oligarchy Rule. On Friday, the DC Circuit Court claimed that we have no freedom of speech on their “front porch.” The “front porch” we built and paid for does not belong to the people. It belongs to the royalty inside. May I remind this court that this porch was built by the people–with the people’s money–and is the property of the people, not the royalty inside? 

The DC Court claims that you are not allowed to show your dissatisfaction with their opinions on their “front porch,” that platform between the sidewalk and the steps to the court house, because it will “compromise the decorum and order it seeks to maintain in the Court’s grounds.” And Freedom of Speech dies by a thousand cuts. Are we really supposed to believe that “decorum and order” are the natural limitations of freedom of speech? Oh, quite the contrary. The purpose of freedom of speech is to violate decorum and disrupt order! What good is freedom of speech if you never say anything unpopular or disruptive? Kind, orderly, and polite speech needs no protection. FULL REPORT