Are you ready for a new method of persecution against “Christianity”? To hear progressives tell it, big business is a bastion of conservatism and reactionary thought. So why are corporations so eager to champion homosexuality and insult Christian beliefs? One pastor argues it’s because business leaders aren’t just interested in making money – they want to turn the culture away from Christianity. Carl Gallups, a pastor, talk show host, and author of the new book “Be Thou Prepared,” argues Christians should be aware of the social agenda being pushed by a powerful minority, including those in high positions in corporate America.

“In addition to making money, corporations are often dedicated to using their money to push the agendas that are near and dear to the hearts of the corporate managers,” Gallups told WND. “Increasingly, these managers are discovering they possess great power to shape the direction of public opinion and social norms.” One of the ways they do this, Gallups notes, is through partnerships and funding agreements with far left activists. In the latest case, Frito-Lay is supporting Dan Savage, a pro-homosexuality activist noted for delivering a profanity-laden tirade against Christianity in front of a huge school audience and wishing cancer on Sarah Palin. The company rolled out a new line of “Doritos Rainbows” chips to show their “commitment to the LGBT community” and sales will go to Savage’s nonprofit organization. FULL REPORT