Christian Navy Chaplain Exonerated! A decorated Navy chaplain threatened with a career-ending dismissal for voicing his Bible-based beliefs on homosexuality has been exonerated. As WND reported in March, Lt. Cmdr. Wes Modder was detached from his unit late last year and isolated at the chapel of the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command base near Charleston, South Carolina. In March, the Navy denied Modder’s request for a religious accommodation of his views.

The actions taken against Modder come from the commanding officer of the base, Capt. Jon Fahs Jr., after several sailors complained about the counseling they received from Modder on issues of sexual morality. Fahs accused Modder of “failing to show tolerance and respect” to the sailors who sought his advice. This came just weeks after Fahs gave Modder the highest possible rating for his job performance, calling him “a consummate professional” who was sought out for his “sage counsel.” But late last week, the Navy rejected Fahs request to bring Modder before the Board of Inquiry in a letter stating evidence that Modder demonstrated “substandard performance” did not meet the “standard of gross negligence or complete disregard of duty.”  FULL REPORT