Coral Springs City Commission eliminated government meeting prayer altogether rather than invoking Satan as one man requested. “I don’t think our citizens would be in favor of Satanic invocations before City Commission meetings,” Coral Springs Mayor Skip Campbell tells the Sun Sentinel. Chaz Stevens, an activist who has claimed both atheism and satanism, petitioned the Coral Springs City Commission to lift a prayer up—or down?—to Satan. But if he were to pray, as the Sun Sentinel reports, it wouldn’t be with his head bowed and eyes closed.

“Contrary to the city’s policy, your numerous emails indicate that you … intend to make a mockery of the proceedings, by, as you indicated, ‘twerking’ and/or bringing a mariachi band to perform,” reads an email from the city clerk. Stevens claims it’s religious discrimination. “The really subtle point here is they didn’t want to hear what I had to say: ‘If you’re not Jewish, or you’re not a Christian, go home,’ ” Stevens tells the Sun Sentinel. “My project is named Satan or Silence. That sums it up.” FULL REPORT