The grand finale of the rare blood-moon tetrad will be a spectacular “supermoon” eclipse, the first in more than three decades. And the scholar who discovered the correlation between a sequence of four blood moons and events in the history of the Jewish people thinks the extremely rare conclusion of the tetrad with a supermoon is a message from God to the nations of the world: Do not divide the land of Israel. Pastor Mark Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries told WND the final blood moon of a series of four occurring on Jewish holy days in 2014 and 2015 is “a loud call to Israel and to the nations.”

The coming super blood moon will be seen in Jerusalem. “The land of Israel belongs to the God of Israel and is on lease to them. They have no authority to sell or give away the land of Israel to another people, as it is their heritage,” he said. The fourth blood moon comes as the 70th United Nations General Assembly moves to recognize a Palestinian state, which Israel sees as a threat to its existence. By a vote of 119 to 8, with 45 abstentions, the general assembly recently voted to allow the Palestinian Authority to raise the Palestinian flag in front of the United Nations. The Palestinian ambassador to the United Nations has invited hundreds of leaders to attend the flag-raising ceremony. 9. FULL REPORT