An atheist organization forced a schoolteacher to paint over her board for student prayer requests. The Appignani Humanist Legal Center, a division of the American Humanist Association, sent a letter to the Mississippi school district, threatening a lawsuit if teacher Randi Rogers did not remove her “prayer request” board. “The teacher’s actions in displaying the ‘Prayer Requests’ board, which she seems to acknowledge is illegal, and her insistence on continuing to take prayer requests and keep the board up (even if she must remove the word ‘prayer’) violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment,” the letter reads.

The Lamar County School District has since complied. The district went so far as to send memos to all principals, teachers and staff, directing them to not promote prayer or religion in school. “After consultation with our board attorney and discussion with the LCSD board, a decision has been made to remove the prayer request board at OGMS,” Superintendent Tess R. Smith wrote. “I am writing to everyone to remind you that, as public employees, you must refrain from using public classrooms to promote religion and prayer specifically.” FULL REPORT