ACLJ Launches Massive Letter-Writing Campaign at the UN for Pastor SaeedAmerican Pastor Saeed Abedini needs your help more than ever before. Today, we are launching a letter-writing campaign to U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. For nearly three years, Pastor Saeed has been languishing in a deadly Iranian prison. His crime? Being a Christian. Suffering and alone, Iranian guards targeted him yet again with another aggressive raid on his prison cell. President Obama has abandoned him, leaving Pastor Saeed and the three other American hostages in Iran, signing the now infamous nuclear deal with Iran.

For far too long, our innocent brother in Christ has unjustly suffered at the hands of the largest state sponsor of terrorism, and for far too long Pastor Saeed has been relegated to the sidelines of international negotiations with Iran. In just a matter of days, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon will be in New York along with Iran’s President for major U.N. meetings. This presents a new opportunity for the international community to act on Pastor’s Saeed’s behalf and demand his release. FULL REPORT