Ten years back, Hurricane Katrina topped the rundown of the worst Hurricanes to ever hit the US when it set off a 28-foot-tall Hurricane surge that cleared over New Orleans. Be that as it may, even with all that annihilation, Katrina is not the worst Hurricane that could have hit the US. In another study distributed in the diary Nature Climate Change, analysts reenacted a huge number of sea Hurricanes that could hit at some point in the following century.

The outcomes uncover that future Hurricanes could devastate places previously believed to be at low risk for hurricanes and the obliteration from some of these tropical storms would be not at all like anything we’ve ever seen, the analysts say. Hazard supervisors call totally eccentric and pulverizing hurricanes “dark swans,” yet in this paper, the analysts are portraying annihilating hurricanes that are really unsurprising, and they’ve unfavorably named them “Dark Swans.” FULL REPORT