A disturbing new report from WND will leave you a bit on edge as reports indicate that, Between the Red Cross, National Guard, Army Corps of Engineers and FEMA, all of whom respond to emergencies and disasters, America should be reasonably well-prepared for floods, fires, terror attacks and other major catastrophes, one might think. Yet, in a dizzyingly high-tech era in which energy and communications grids are increasingly vulnerable to malicious attack, a nationally recognized security expert warns that any one of a series of catastrophic events could conceivably so disrupt the nation’s supply chain of food, water and medical supplies that regional shortages might persist for a period of years, a nightmare scenario that could result in millions of American deaths.

In an interview with WND, Barrett Moore, founder of the legendary global security company Triple Canopy, warns starkly that America’s infrastructure is “collapsing,” and if “any one or all of 15 key structural elements within the supply chain are impacted, we’re done.” Moore today runs “360.TM,” which provides solutions to the various vulnerabilities of the nation’s supply chain, including the design, construction and equipping of safe havens, as well as consulting on threat assessment and creating emergency operations centers and transportation services. FULL REPORT