U.S. stocks were down again Monday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average losing 114.98 points to close at 16,528.03 as a wild month of trading on Wall Street, dominated by fears over China, came to an end. The Dow suffered a monthly loss of about 6.6 percent, the largest loss since May 2010, the Wall Street Journal reported at the close of trading Monday.

The roller-coaster ride in August rekindled investor fears that the economy at the end of the Obama administration is about enter a recession even deeper than the financial crisis of 2008, when Obama entered office. With the Dow dropping as much as 1,000 points in a few opening hours of trading, “mom and pop” investors have pulled out of mutual funds in droves. As WND reported Friday, Credit Suisse has found important evidence that middle America is leaving both the stock market and the bond market in numbers that have not been seen since 2008. FULL REPORT