Will the Church Wake Up Before God’s Wrath Falls on the Nation?I’m sober. I’m awake. I see—and report—on the tsunami of perversion that’s rising. I don’t have my head in the sand. I lift my voice against the antichrist agendas that have infiltrated our government, schools, media, entertainment, medical and other fields. It’s dark out there and it appears to be growing darker. Yet, amid my sobriety and vigilance, I am not in utter despair. Desperate, yes, but not in despair. Indeed, I am wide-awake but ever hopeful that God will bring a transforming revival to America. I am watchful but confident that God is going to bring a Third Great Awakening—a greater Great Awakening; the greatest Great Awakening the world has ever seen—to our land. I see an emerging move of God even now. Yes, many in our nation have turned their back on God—many never knew Him. But God has not turned His back on this nation. Yes, the hedge of protection around America has been at least partially lifted. But God still has His hand on these United States. God does not delight in seeing a nation that was birthed in covenant with Him fall—and God has not broken His covenant with us. He’s just waiting on American to be repent so she can be born again. I was greatly honored this week to be on “The Line of Fire,” revolutionary radio with Dr. Michael Brown. I work with Dr. Brown week in and week out on Charisma News, publishing his hard-hitting, yet compassionate columns. Over the years, I’ve learned quite a lot from how he approaches difficult subjects and he’s been kind enough to help me wade through the backlash that often results from my own hard-hitting, yet compassionate columns. FULL REPORT