While America Sleeps, Obama's Militarized Police State Now Nearly Complete“THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE. AFTER THIS, THERE IS NO GOING BACK. YOU TAKE THE BLUE PILL AND THE STORY ENDS. YOU WAKE IN YOUR BED AND YOU BELIEVE WHATEVER YOU WANT TO BELIEVE. YOU TAKE THE RED PILL AND STAY IN WONDERLAND, AND I SHOW YOU HOW DEEP THE RABBIT-HOLE GOES.” – OK folks, put the blue pill down and take the red one. It’s time you woke up to reality. The America we live in is under tyranny. We are monitored and controlled at nearly every turn and the chains are getting tighter every day. We have heard how the Occupant has been fighting every attempt by Congress to vote on whatever nuclear arms deal is made with the insane Mullah’s in Iran. Captain Tee-Time is not used to being accountable to anyone, but now Senate is proposing legislation that some experts are warning rewrites the treaty provision of the Constitution. Under the Constitution, the president has the power to negotiate international treaties, with the requirement that two-thirds of the Senate concur for any treaty to be ratified. Such a supermajority (67 votes) was designed by the nation’s Founders to prevent one person or a single body from wielding dangerous levels of power. We’ve heard how Senator Bob Corker has proposed a bill that basically demands Obama abide by the Constitution on this Iranian agreement. However, today we find out that isn’t the case at all. The bill he is pushing will actually make Obama’s power grab easier! MORE