'We are in a police state right now' Americans are increasingly living in a police state, and the road looks very bleak unless citizens stop being complacent and take back their government, according to Rutherford Institute President John Whitehead. Whitehead is the author of the new book, “Battlefield America: The War on the American People.” It’s his second book on this issue. In 2013, he published “A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State.” The issue is taking on additional urgency this week after an online news article chronicled how police stormed into the homes of three supporters of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in the middle of the night, subjecting the citizens to intense harassment simply for backing Walker’s collective bargaining reforms in the state. None of them were ever charged. Whitehead said episodes like that are becoming less of an exception and more of a rule. “The government is watching everything you’re doing,” Whitehead said. “We are in a police state right now. The question is, can we push it back?” One of Whitehead’s greatest frustrations in the book is Americans’ acceptance of limitations placed on their freedoms and an unwillingness thus far to fight back. He said one of the biggest problems is that most Americans are unaware of how much police interaction with citizens is changing in many different ways. MORE