US government allows powerful corporations to sell California water with no permits or reporting during drought  With water being our most precious commodity, you would think that government officials would be keeping very close tabs on its usage, especially in states like California where drought conditions are now entering their fourth year. However, Governor Jerry Brown is just now cracking down on state municipalities, attempting to get them to cut back on their water usage by 25%. With California’s agricultural industry being one of the largest consumers, and almond growers alone using 1.1 trillion gallons of water a year, it’s easy to understand why the public outcry would be directed at Big Ag. These farmers need to be held accountable for their usage when growing our food and should be penalized when they go over their limits! I’m not giving up my long, hot showers and garden for a high-priced bag of almonds! Hold up. Your anger may be misdirected. With the focus squarely on the agricultural industry, beverage companies have been allowed to silently bottle public water with very little oversight. In fact, water bottle companies like Arrowhead require a permit to extract water from public land, and they have been without a valid permit since 1988! According to The Desert Sun, Nestle’s permit to transport water across the San Bernardino National Forest for bottling has also been expired since 1988. The U.S. Forest Service has indicated that they will make it a priority to reassess the permit and possibly impose some restrictions due to the severe drought. FULL REPORT